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Children’s Health Tips

 Our guide to looking after your child’s health and well-being. From children’s incontinence tips to nutrition advice.  Independence Australia has put together health information from leading health professionals.

Are there specific dietary requirements for children’s health?

Yes.  There are various essential vitamins and minerals children require as part of their diet.

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My child is wetting the bed. What do I do?

Childhood bedwetting can be experienced by all children from time to time. However, for 1 in 5 Australian children bedwetting becomes a common occurrence.

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What products can help a child with incontinence to remain active?

Our healthcare professionals have put together a list of 7 products to help children with incontinence lead active lives.

Sensory friendly school holiday activities

Looking for low sensory holiday fun? Our experts have put together a nationwide list of sensory friendly holiday ideas that the whole family can enjoy.

More products for incontinence in children

For children experiencing incontinence, there is a complete range of product options available. From disposable pads to bed and chair protection.

Parenting with a disability

Our industry partner, Inform Online gives us an authentic view on what it means to parent a child with a disability.

The season for toilet training

Knowing when your child is ready to be toilet trained is the first step. Read our tips on how to be prepared for toilet training your child.

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Accessible beach locations

Australia has a range of accessible beach locations suitable for a child with mobility needs. Check out our nationwide list to find an accessible beach for your family.

More Children’s Health Articles

Looking for more Children’s health tips? Check out our wide range of health tips from leading health professionals.

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Toilet Training Essentials for Children: Tips and Advice Each milestone in your child’s life is a moment to be celebrated. But sometimes achieving these milestones can involve a lot of time and practice.

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