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In a world where challenges sometimes feel like they outweigh the triumphs, we meet people like Cory. A remarkable young man who is overcoming challenges to live independently and not define himself by his intellectual disability.

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Whilst Cory’s story sits at the very heart of our mission here at Independence Australia, sadly there are many Australians with a disability who need our support to regain their independence.

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Cory's story

Meet CoryTo meet Cory now, you see a young man with confidence, an eagerness to pursue his goals, and someone who is living life independently

Young Ok's Story

Young Ok’s Story After sustaining a spinal cord injury, Young Ok struggled to adjust to her new life – but our support groups have been able to provide her with hop

Jess's Story

Just over a decade ago, Jess described herself as an average happy-go-lucky girl in her early 20s. Jess loved running, bike riding, and competing in marathons and was studying at TAFE to become a support worker.