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Donor functions

Every year Independence Australia runs a number of both small and large donor functions. These can range from morning teas with guest speakers to movies, concerts and other outings. This is a great way to support our work, learn more about our services and also meet new friends.

Known as the Circle Club, this group gets together several times a year in an informal manner. Speakers are often people with a disability who tell their own personal account of resilience. Others speakers may be Independence Australia staff who highlight a service or program and how donations to our work are improving the quality of life for people with a disability.

Most functions are held during the day and are in easily accessible venues and locations.

Some functions, such as Donor Appreciation Morning Teas are free, although a donation is always welcome. At other times there may be a cost to participants for tickets, food or entertainment, but we always seek to keep these expenses to a minimum wherever we can.

If you’re keen to find out more about how your gift is helping, want to have fun and perhaps interact with a new circle of friends, then why not put your name down to receive regular updates on our functions.

To enquire or join our next donor function, please call our fundraising team on 1300 704 456 or email [email protected].