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We offer a range of free pad samples

We are here to help

At Independence Australia we understand finding the right incontinence pad or product to suit your needs can be an overwhelming task. We offer pad samples to help. 

If you are experiencing bladder or bowel leakage problems, it is essential you find the most appropriate, secure and absorbent pad to draw leakage away from the skin, keeping your skin dry and free from rashes.

With so many sizes, brands, absorbency levels and fits to choose from, Independence Australia has developed a range of easy to use guides to assist.


Try before you buy

In addition to our easy to use guides, Independence Australia also offers a wide range of disposable pad or pant samples to try in the comfort of your own home. These samples are limited to disposable options only and can be ordered by completing our online form here or calling 1300 788 855.

Samples will be delivered in discreet packaging. 

pad sample being held in womans hands