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We’ve brought together many of our favourite articles published by our nurses and industry partners, including information sourced from leading healthcare manufacturers.

These articles focus on incontinencewound care and nutrition. In sharing this general advice, we hope to help you or someone you care for manage and improve your everyday health. 

Top Tips for Bladder and Bowel Health

Top Tips for Bladder and Bowel Health 1. Drink your way to a healthy bladder Drinking well is vital to the health of your bladder and bowel. The average body needs about two litres (eight glasses) of fresh fluid every day. Naturally energetic activity or hot weather...

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Products For Incontinence In Children

Products For Incontinence In Children For incontinence in children there is a range of product options available. From disposable pads to bed and chair protection. Each incontinence specific product choice holds unique and child friendly features. While most children...

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How To Select The Right Continence Pad

How To Select The Right Continence Pad Selecting the right continence pad can be a daunting task. However, once found, the right continence pad can significantly increase comfort and continence management. Our experts have explored the top three criteria that help to...

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Overweight & Bladder Function

Does Being Overweight Affect Bladder and Bowel Function? Many health conditions are a result of being overweight or obese. In this article, we will explore if bladder and bowel functions are affected by weight. Or if bladder and bowel function complications sit...

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An Introduction To Drainage Bags

An Introduction To Drainage Bags When using an indwelling catheter or condom drainage, it is important to have an appropriate collecting system. There are different types of drainage bags that can be either body worn or free standing but must be kept below the level...

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Effective Continence Management and Skin Care

Effective Continence Management and Skin Care Only people living with incontinence can truly understand the pain and discomfort caused by Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD). Incorporating appropriate skin care and continence product selection is essential to...

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Faecal Incontinence

Faecal Incontinence People with faecal incontinence have difficulty in controlling their bowel, resulting in the involuntary loss of flatus (wind), liquid or solid from the bowel at the wrong time or in the wrong place. Faecal incontinence effects as many as 1 in...

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Fluid Intake

Fluids With the hotter weather approaching, we should be paying even more attention to a healthy fluid intake, every day. A consistently good fluid intake is needed for the healthy function of our entire body, not just the bladder and bowel. This is not surprising as...

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General Incontinence Tips and Hints

General Incontinence Tips and HintsDrinking fluids Drink up to two litres of fluid each day, unless advised otherwise by your doctor. You may need to drink a little more in hot weather or after heavy exercise. Don't guzzle a large drink in one hit, instead evenly...

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