Products For Incontinence In Children

For incontinence in children there is a range of product options available. From disposable pads to bed and chair protection.

Each incontinence specific product choice holds unique and child friendly features.

While most children acquire bowel and bladder control in the first few years of life. For some children continence may take longer to achieve, if at all.

In order to properly diagnose incontinence in children, a thorough assessment of the child in relation to their age and developmental stage should be undertaken by a healthcare professional.

A health professional with expertise in children can advise and assist the child and their family.

The Continence Helpline will be able to assist you with referral to your local children’s continence service. These services include private or public clinics (run by Continence Nurse Advisors, Physiotherapists, Specialists in incontinence or Psychologists).

Children’s incontinence products are not a cure. They are used as part of a treatment plan or to help manage incontinence. If you are raising children with incontinence, there is a wide range of products to suit individual needs.

Children’s Incontinence: Disposable Pads

A range of disposable pads are available to suit the many different shapes and sizes of children. These include small pads that can be worn with disposable or reusable pants, pull up absorbent pants and all in one ‘nappy style’ pads. A non – waterproof backed ‘booster’ pad is also available to increase the capacity of the outer pad. Some great disposable pad brands for incontinence in children include; Tena, Depend and Lille.

Reusable Washable Pants

These pants are available in a wide range of colours and designs, which include pull-ups and side opening briefs. They come in two basic types, those with a built-in absorbent pad and those that require a separate washable pad or disposable pad.


Body Stocking

For those children who continually remove their clothing or continence products a body stocking may assist. This is a comfortable all in one suit and can be ‘made to order’ for individual requirements. Incontinence aids can be worn securely underneath. Styles include short or long leg, singlet, short or long sleeves with press button opening or zips.

Bed and Chair Protection

Products to protect mattresses, pillows, doonas and chairs are available in a range of styles and fabrics including child friendly designs. Some act as a backup to body worn products; others absorb urine in enough quantities to be used by themselves.

Skin care

There are many products available to assist with hygiene and skin care. These include soap free cleaners, non-rinse foams, non-aerosol spray, wet and dry disposable wipes and creams and ointments. Generally, talcum powder and some barrier creams are not used for incontinence in children as they may interfere with the absorbency of the continence pad.


DO NOT use fabric softeners or bleach when laundering washable products as they will decrease the efficiency and lifespan of the product.

By Ros Lawrence
Urology/Continence Nurse Advisor

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