How To Select The Right Continence Pad

Selecting the right continence pad can be a daunting task. However, once found, the right continence pad can significantly increase comfort and continence management.

Our experts have explored the top three criteria that help to determine the right pad for you.

Correct Size

It is important to use a pad that fits properly. A pad that does not fit properly can leak and cause skin rashes and abrasions, as well as inconvenience.

Correct Continence Pad Absorbency

Pads offer different absorbency levels – light to moderate to heavy. Pads must provide the right absorbency to suit individual needs.

Correct Style

Products need to suit your lifestyle. For example, pants are suitable for people with active lifestyles or dementia. Alternatively, an all in one pad is more suitable for bed bound or chair fast clients who require assistance.

The above are basic requirements when selecting a continence pad and whilst technological development continually improves the pads’ performance, such as absorbency level and dryness, surprisingly, little attention has been focused on the skin friendliness of adult types of absorbent continence pads. The technological developments in this area are just as important and can have a major impact on the wearers comfort and over- all satisfaction.

Why effective skin protection is important in a continence pad?

Incontinence associated skin irritations and infections can cause pain, discomfort as well as an increased risk of pressure ulcers and open wounds that can lead to critical medical conditions. 42.5% of all people with incontinence suffer from these types of skin problems, which is why effective clinical skin protection is so important.


  • Frequent exposure to urine or faeces
  • Moist skin
  • Increase in skin pH
    Bacteria and enzymes
  • Skin sensitivity
    Heat and sweat in the hip area


There are preventive strategies available to minimise the occurrence of skin problems in people living with incontinence.

These strategies incorporate the following:



Mature skin is fragile and like all fragile things, a better result is achieved when it’s handled with care. It is therefore essential to protect the skin while wearing incontinence products in order to improve resilience, mobility which will lead to an increased confidence to enjoy everyday life.

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