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Independence Australia and NDIS Services

Independence Australia offers a range of NDIS services including complex care, personal care, accommodation, and community access. As a registered NDIS Provider, we’ll match our services to suit your needs. Read about our range of service options below and find out how to purchase NDIS Consumables with us online.

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Find the right services and supports

We provide services and supports for Victorian participants of NDIS, TAC, Worksafe and other funding bodies. Whether you’re after in-home aged care or recovering from an injury or illness, we’ll support your independence so you can achieve your personal goals.

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NDIS Consumables 

For eligible NDIS participants , Australia-wide, Accessing NDIS consumables online has never been so easy. Independence Australia’s new online store enables you to use your NDIS funding to purchase NDIS consumables online. For more information, please see our Accessing NDIS Consumables page.

We’ll help you get the most out of your NDIS Plan

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Start your NDIS journey

 Find out everything you need to know about the NDIS to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible.

Enquire about our NDIS Services

Do you already have an existing NDIS plan with another provider or want too make an enquiry about our services ?

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I need some help, contact the team


What is Support Coordination?

At Independence Australia, we offer Support Coordination services as part of our NDIS Registration. Find out what your support coordinator can do to help support your goals. 

Find out more about Independence Australia

We support people to regain and retain their independence within a supportive community. Since beginning our journey in 1957, our services have impacted the lives of thousands of Victorians. Find out more about our social enterprise story. 

Do you have accommodation?

Independence Australia offers complex care and Supported Independent Living (SIL) support plans to suit a range of health needs. 

What other funding schemes are available?

The Australian Government provides various forms of funding to assist with the purchase of health care products. Each holds its own eligibility criteria and funding allocations. Find out more on CAPS, DVA, NEBDS and TAC funding options.