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Travelling with personal needs

Whether you are heading off on a regional adventure or jet setting overseas, travelling with personal or medical needs can be overwhelming. Check out our guides to all things travel below.

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Q. What public transport options are available to people with disabilities?

Accessible public transport can contribute to social and economic participation and general well-being. We have the list of what our nationwide public transport operators offer.

Flying with a disability

Don’t let the sky be the limit when living with a disability. Check out our guide to accessible air travel.

Incontinence & Travel

For those with continence needs, planning to travel can be overwhelming. Our team of health professionals have put together the top tips and tricks to get you out and about.

Q. Which beaches can I visit with a mobility aid?

Australia has a range of accessible beach locations in majority of our states.

Check out our list of nationwide accessible beaches, including the features each location has to offer.

What to consider when planning an accessible visit to the beach.

If you or someone you are travelling with has accessibility needs, there are a range of factors to consider when picking the right accessible beach location.