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Fixomull Skin Sensitive helps a person who is experiencing fragile and compromised skin, including the elderly, patients on long term medical treatment and infants. The soft silicone adhesive feature secure fixing and painless release. It is a solution for gentle fixation that protects the skin integrity & avoids treatment-related injuries.

Why purchase Leukoplast Fixomull Skin Sensitive from Independence Australia?

Know that when you make a purchase through Independence Australia, your money is enhancing lives. As a social enterprise, Shop with us to make a difference in your life and the lives of others in the community.

Living with Incontinence?

We have a range of health articles and advice for tour needs and requirements.

How to manage urinary incontinence

How to Manage Urinary IncontinenceWhat is urinary incontinence?Urinary incontinence is when you accidentally wet yourself (urinate) through loss of bladder control. In Australia, urinary incontinence affects up to 10% of men and up to 38% of women.It can mean leaking...

Pelvic floor muscle training for incontinence

Ask the nurse: Can Pelvic Floor Muscle Training cure incontinence? Have you ever wished incontinence could be cured without surgery, pills, injections or side effects? Pelvic Floor Muscle Training has been around since 1948, with high level research showing all it...