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Wound Care

From tattoo care to incontinence related skin damage. Our experts have put together everything you need to know about wound management, wound care products and caring for wounds of all types and sizes.

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Wound Care Management

How do I look after a new tattoo?

Your tattoo is essentially a wound and just like any other wound requires specific wound care to complete the healing process.

Tattoo in progress
wound odour control spray

How to manage wound odours

Coping with wound odours can be extremely challenging. Our healthcare professionals have a range of advice to assist in wound odours and overall wound management.

What is a hydrocolloid dressing?

A hydrocolloid dressing is a type of dressing that provides a moist and insulated healing environment to assist with wound care and protection.

How to prevent and care for foot wounds

With the rising incidence of diabetes, it is essential that everyone has a greater understanding of what constitutes good foot care.

How to prevent a wound infection

Any wound is at risk of becoming infected because the skin opening can allow germs or dirt to enter the bloodstream. Proper wound care can assist in reducing the likelihood of wound infection.

wound infection
wound holidays

How do I look after my wounds over the holidays?

Organisation is key when preparing for the holiday season. Your wound care is no exception to this important rule…

What is wound debridement?

Wound debridement is the removal of constraints to effective wound healing. Our health experts explain the many debridement forms…

wound debridement cartoon

Sharps injuries: who is at risk and what to do?

Sharps injuries can be sustained by anyone but are more common for  healthcare workers or individuals who assist with medical and wound management. Learn what to do if you sustain a sharps injury.

sharp wound on finger blood

Wound Care Management Product Catalogue