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Rights and Responsibilities


 Find out more about your rights and responsibilities:

Your rights

While accessing services from Independence Australia, you have the right to:

  • confidential and considerate support
  • respect for your individuality and personal preferences
  • the provision of adequate information regarding all aspects of our services in easily understood and appropriate language
  • participate in decision making about your support
  • be assessed for access to services without discrimination
  • pursue any complaint about any service without retribution
  • involve an advocate of your choice
  • seek an alternative service provider and cease service at any time with Independence Australia

Your responsibilities

As a consumer of services provided by Independence Australia, your responsibilities are to:

  • treat staff with dignity and respect at all times
  • provide a safe working environment for staff and all external providers
  • provide complete and relevant information to assist us to provide appropriate services and support
  • pay for services delivered within 28 days of receipt of an invoice
  • acknowledge the need of the organisation to operate under the constraints of law and within the bounds of professional and ethical standards