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What makes up Independence Australia?

Independence Australia is a social enterprise that provides choices for people with a disability or other personal need, enabling them to regain and retain their independence within an inclusive community.

We have a unique social enterprise approach that leverages related commercial activities to support our core charitable purposes.

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We’re a national business, distributing products to hundreds of thousands of customers all over Australia. Funds generated from the sale of our product of personal health and well being products, mobility aids and equipment sales support the delivery of essential programs to help enhance the lives of people with a disability or other personal need.

Read on to learn how our various divisions work together.

Healthcare products

We can make your life easy by providing quick delivery of more than 13,000 products directly to your home with a fast turnaround thanks to our network of warehouse collection points in every state.

As Australia’s leading supplier of continence pads, wound care products, we understand the complexities and challenges that our customers can face when finding the right solution for them. To assist in you in making the right choice we have created a library of resources to guide your decision but above all, we provide competitive pricing on our wide product range.

Mobility Aids

Customers in Victoria can visit our large Mobility Aids Australia showroom, located in Springvale. Specialising in mobility aids and electric scooters for over 30 years, we stock over 3,000 products including lift chairs, wheelchairs, walkers, electric beds and much more.

NDIS Services

Independence Australia is the only NDIS provider in Victoria to offer both core supports and health care consumables to NDIS participants.


Many of our counselling and psychology services are only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters…

We provide vital health and wellbeing programs which receive limited or no government funding, often for free to people with disabilities or other personal needs. These programs include counselling and psychology services for people adjusting to life after a disability. The support groups and workshops are essential for individuals and families and provide essential assistance to family caregivers.

When you support Independence Australia, you help make it possible for us to deliver these vital programs to those who need them most.

Inform Online

Inform provides people with disabilities and their informal supports with up-to-date, relevant and quality information free to access. The Inform team produces Inform magazine, Inform podcast and Inform website, to help link our readers and listeners, to services and supports in their community.

Inform is a National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) sponsored project. It is funded as part of the NDIA’s Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) framework, and the project is run by Independence Australia.


SpinChat is an initiative of Independence Australia and aims to promote prevention and educate secondary school students about spinal cord injury. Since starting in 2013, SpinChat has reached more than 70,000 students.

Through an open and honest delivery of their story and experiences with spinal cord injury, our speakers hope to promote prevention, minimise risk of injury and encourage students to consider consequences of high risk activities. All SpinChat sessions cost $150 and we pay our valued speakers for their time and travel.