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Fiona Murphy

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In this jam-packed edition,we’re focusing on the topic of education and the part that it plays in the lives of Australian’s living with a disability. We start off by chatting to the incredible Ade Djamihardja who, since acquiring a disability, has dedicated his energy to creating aproject which educated people in the media industry about inclusivity and accessibility when creating content.

Dylan Alcott

Inclusion in Education

“There is an assumption that inclusion and accessibility are the one and the same. But they are two aspects of the experience of disability that lead to each other. Inclusion and access work together, we can’t have one without the other. We can have access without inclusion, but we can’t have inclusion without access.”

Dylan Alcott

Disability Media Australia’s ‘Most Committed Board Member’

Ade Djajamihardja’s expansive broadcast media career began in 1987. Paved from humble beginnings working as a floor manager at ABC TV news, Ade went on to become assistant director on projects such as Countdown Revolution and had an instrumental hand in piloting SBC Singapore’s first ever English language comedy series.

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About Inform

Inform Magazine is released quarterly by Independence Australia and includes articles written by people who have lived experience with disability along with advice from experts working the disability space, providing you support in navigating the NDIS and our community at large.

What Are NDIS Consumables?

Meet our NDIS participants Gary, Oliver, Belinda and Ade. They’ve provided tips and advice on navigating the NDIS consumables budget and better understanding what you can and can’t access with this. Get to know how your plan can work for you by watching these videos!


Understanding the Skin

As a delicate part in the surface of your body, your skin is essential to be taken care of. Depends on your skin type, there are different ways to take care of it.

Our fact sheet provides an overview and tips to maintain a healthy skin.

About Independence Australia:

As a social enterprise Independence Australia believe that it is possible to run a business that does good for the world. We do this by this redistributing surplus funds we generate from the sale of healthcare products into programs that support people living with a disability.

This allows us to dedicate time and effort to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our community.

We focus on providing access to support that can enable people to reach their goals. These programs include support coordination, psychology, and counselling, in home support and complex care.

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