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NDIS Resources

Access all important NDIS resources you need as an NDIS participant including fact sheets and useful links for additional support.

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Independence Australia’s NDIS Pre-Planning Booklet

To access supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) you need an NDIS plan. This plan is created together with the NDIS planner and yourself. To know what you need in your plan, you should have an idea of what type of support you need. This checklist tool has been designed to help you create a list of supports that you would like in your plan.

Understanding the NDIS (Book 1)

This booklet will help you understand the National Disability Insurance Scheme and how it may help you.

Understanding the NDIS

(Accessible Version)

Understanding the NDIS

(Easy English Version)

NDIS Planning (Book 2)

This booklet is a place for you to prepare for your New Disability Insurance Scheme plan. To get ready for your planning meeting, start thinking about your immediate support needs and what your current and future goals might be.

NDIS planning Booklet

(Accessible Version)

How to make an NDIS plan

(Easy English Version)

Using your NDIS Plan (Book 3)

This booklet will help you understand your National Disability Insurance Scheme plan and how to use funding, arrange supports and services, and work towards your goals.

Using your NDIS plan

(Accessible Version)

How to use your NDIS plan

(Easy English Version)

NDIS Overview

Independence Australia’s NDIS Pre-Planning Booklet

Find out more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme and how it will help people with a disability achieve their goals

About the NDIS

My NDIS Pathway

NDIS Glossary

Useful Links

There are a large number of organisations that can provide you with additional help and support. Here we’ve provided a summary of useful website links for people with disabilities, their families and carers.

A-Z of Disability Etiquette

We’ve developed a general guide for basic etiquette tips. The good news is, the tips are similar to the rules applied for good etiquette in general. We hope you can share this with your family and friends.