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Our NDIS Article Library is your go-to source for a wealth of information on NDIS support, planning, funding, and services. Here, we aim to simplify your journey towards personalized care and goal achievement.

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Understanding the NDIS
Planning for NDIS
NDIS service providers
NDIS consumables
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NDIS assistive technology

Understanding the NDIS

What is NDIS ?

Discover the NDIS, Australia’s scheme offering personalized disability support and empowering life goal pursuits.

NDIS funding categories

Dive into NDIS funding categories: Exploring core, capacity building, and capital supports for individuals.

Planning for NDIS

Preparing for your NDIS planning

Navigate the NDIS planning process with Independence Australia, your guide for optimal benefits realisation.

Family involvement in NDIS plan creation

Guidance for involving your family during your NDIS plan creation, while ensuring you own the decision-making.

NDIS supporting evidence

Discover guidelines and advice on providing critical supporting evidence for your NDIS application.

NDIS service agreement

Explore the basics and effective collaboration tactics of NDIS service agreements.

NDIS plan review

Uncover the importance of NDIS Plan reviews, including preparing properly and useful recommendations.

NDIS service providers

How to pick a NDIS provider

Gain insights on choosing an NDIS provider to attain your individual goals and needs.

Am I allowed to change my NDIS provider?

The process and reasons for changing your NDIS provider to ensure more personalized care.

NDIS support coordination

Learn how NDIS support coordination assists in achieving personalized goals within the disability plan.

NDIS code of conducts

Understand the NDIS Code of Conduct, safeguarding the dignity, safety, and rights of individuals.

NDIS consumables

NDIS Consumables for Disability Support

Explore NDIS consumables for disability support, including management tactics and product categorization.

How to Utilize Your NDIS Consumable Funds Effectively

Maximize your NDIS consumable funds for daily life, wound care, skincare, nutrition, and mobility aids.

NDIS support services

What is complex care?

Learn about complex care under NDIS, focusing on specialized needs, required qualifications for service providers, and support strategies.

What is respite care ?

The process and reasons for changing your NDIS provider to ensure more personalized care.

Role of NDIS in providing autism support

Read how the NDIS provides support for individuals with autism, including funding for therapies and personal care assistance.

NDIS school leaver employment support (SLES)

The article outlines how NDIS’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) aids young disabled people’s transition from school to employment.

Housing and the NDIS

Explore how NDIS assists with housing, from fostering independence to helping modify homes according to disability needs.

Driving and the NDIS

Discover how NDIS aids with driving for individuals with disabilities, from education to vehicle modifications.

How NDIS supports you to travel the world

Read Stacey Christie’s journey using NDIS support to achieve her dream of traveling with muscular dystrophy.

Art and the NDIS

NDIS plans can incorporate art for therapeutic and social engagement purposes for individuals with disabilities.

NDIS assistive technology

NDIS assistive technology

Comprehensive guide to NDIS assistive technology, its levels, acquisition process, importance, and effective funding utilization.

How to optimise your NDIS assistive technology funding

Learn how to optimize NDIS assistive technology funding, explaining its usage, procurement, and associated professionals.