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NDIS consumables

It’s now easier than ever to shop for your NDIS consumables online with the Independence Australia website now offering online shopping for all NDIS funded customers.

A disabled man in a motorized wheelchair

What are NDIS consumables

NDIS consumables are daily items required to help manage personal disability related needs. These items fall into the NDIS core support category.

The NDIS consumables budget is flexible and can include a range of products that help you with your daily life and activities. If you find that your everyday activities and goals change, you may reduce or increase the amount of support you receive for consumables and swap to support for other categories such as assistance with your daily life, assistance to participate in social and community activities or for transport.

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How to order NDIS consumables

Self managed

Self-managed funds allow you to control your ndis consumables purchasing, with you claiming back directly from the NDIA.  You can order via our online store.        

Plan managed

If a plan manager is funded in your NDIS Plan, we can arrange to bill the plan manager once we receive a completed Funding Authorisation Form from the Plan Management Agency.


Agency/provider managed

Independence Australia is a registered NDIS provider that can claim payment via the NDIS Portal directly.  To set up this option, a Service Agreement needs to be completed.

If you are on a self managed NDIS plan, you control your ndis consumables purchasing. You can set-up an account and order via our online store, and claim the money back directly from the NDIA.

If your plan manager has completed a biller authorisation form, and you have provided an email address for web ordering, you will have received an email to create a password to shop online.

If you have completed your service agreement form and included an email address, your NDIS account set-up is complete and you will have received an email to create a password allowing you to shop online.

Dive into this informative video that simplifies the process of how to order your NDIS consumables with Independence Australia.

NDIS consumable enquiry form

If you would like help to setup your NDIS account to purchase NDIS consumables from our online store, please complete this NDIS consumables enquiry form. Our Health Solutions team will aim to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.

Purchasing wound care with your NDIS budget

Did you know that you may be able to purchase your wound care supports with funding from your NDIS consumables budget? If your wound care or pressure injury management is directly related to your ongoing disability support, then the NDIS may be the most appropriate funding body to provide support. To be eligible for this, you’ll need to provide the NDIS with a wound care plan which details what supports your doctor recommends for your disability support needs when you are creating your NDIS plan.

band aids

Once you have your NDIS plan approved with wound care supports included, you can use this budget to purchase the products that you need.

Independence Australia stock a great range of wound care products, everything from adhesive dressings through to foam dressings can be found in one easy and convenient online store, with innovative new products being added regularly.

As an accredited NDIS service provider in Victoria, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality care services. Dive deeper into what we offer by exploring our NDIS support services page.