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Our Continence Library provides you with a wealth of information on continence related topics. Support your physical and mental health with the latest tips, advice and product recommendations to suit your needs.

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Bowel and Bladder Control
Continence Exercises
Continence and Skincare
Living with incontinence
Mental Health and Continence
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Bowel and Bladder Control

Better bladder control

Get helpful tips and measures for improving bladder control and managing incontinence.

Stay free from urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Learn how urinary infections are caused by bacteria entering via urethra or catheters, not odors or seats.

Menopause and bladder changes

Insights on how menopause affects bladder health and associated changes.

Tips for bladder and bowel health

Get advice on maintaining bladder and bowel health, sharing top beneficial tips.

Bladder issues and urodynamics

Discover how to resolve bladder issues using urodynamics, an innovative treatment method.

Life bladder changes

Explore life changes affecting bladder function, offering insights on managing urinary health.

Signs you have a bladder infection

Navigate symptoms that may indicate the presence of a bladder infection.

Weight affects bladder bowel function

Explore the connection between being overweight and bladder function.

Faecal incontinence

Learn about faecal incontinence, its causes, symptoms, and potential management strategies.

Bowel health

Get insights and tips on maintaining bowel health for an improved overall well-being.

Managing Urinary Incontinence

Explore practical tips and strategies for effectively managing urinary incontinence issues.

Continence Exercises

The pelvic floor

Discover the importance of pelvic floor health for men and suggests exercises for strengthening and control.

What are pelvic floor muscles?

This article explains the importance, functions, and healthy maintenance of pelvic floor muscles.

Managing your incontinence

Explore the comprehensive guide covering all aspects of understanding and managing incontinence.

Pelvic floor exercises for incontinence

Discover the strategies for pelvic floor muscle training to effectively manage incontinence.

Childrens incontinence products

Discover various products designed to assist with managing incontinence in children.

Help children with incontinence keep active

Guidance on aiding children with incontinence to remain active.

Helping children with incontinence

Get advice on helping children navigate and manage their incontinence issues effectively.

How to: Getting into shape

Independence Australia offers advice on helping children navigate and manage their incontinence issues effectively.

Pelvic floor kegel exercises

Get insightful and detailed instructions on safely executing Kegel exercises for health benefits.

Exercising with incontinence

Get advice on exercising with incontinence, promoting healthy lifestyles while managing this condition.

Men's pelvic floor

Uncover unique challenges and guidance for men dealing with incontinence issues.

Continence and Skincare

Skin ph levels and incontinence

Learn about the impact of incontinence on skin pH levels and related health implications.

Is your skin at risk

Explore the factors putting skin at risk and offers advice for preventive care.

Incontinence associated dermatitis

Learn how Silic 15 may serve as a protective barrier for Incontinence Associated Dermatitis.

Minimising incontinence skin care problems

Get strategies and tips to minimise skin care challenges associated with incontinence.

Top prostate questions

Navigate through prevalent prostate issues and answers commonly asked questions about prostate health.

Improving toilet accessibility

Learn how enhancing toilet accessibility may effectively reduce urinary incontinence occurrences.

Australians with incontinence

Dive into the data and analysis on the prevalence of incontinence among Australians.

Washable incontinence products

Explore the benefits and varieties of washable incontinence products available in the market.

How to manage urinary incontinence

Get valuable insights and methods to effectively manage urinary incontinence in daily life.

Living with incontinence

Washable incontinence products

Learn about the benefits and uses of washable incontinence products along with product recommendations.

The right continence pad

Get advice on selecting ideal continence pads based on individual needs.

Bed and chair protection

Get guidance on protecting beds and chairs for those managing incontinence issues.

Caring for someone with incontinence

Explore tips and strategies for caring for someone experiencing incontinence effectively.

Disposable and washable incontinence underwear

Get advice on choosing between disposable and washable incontinence underwear based on needs.

Incontinence management for carers

Explore information and strategies for carers for efficient incontinence management practices.

Stop wasting your continence products

Discover ways to maximize the benefits of continence products for effective use.

Traveling with incontinence

Explore tips and advice on managing incontinence while traveling for comfort and ease.

Mental Health and Continence

Mental health continence

Uncover the intertwined relationship between mental health and continence and get insights and advice.

Epilepsy and incontinence

Explore the correlation between epilepsy and continence, providing insights into both conditions.

The risks of self diagnosing

Navigate through the risks of self-diagnosing illnesses and the importance of professional medical consultations.

Bladder dementia

Discover methods for managing bladder functions in people living with dementia.

Dementia and incontinence

Get practical advice and tips for carers managing incontinence in dementia patients.

Physical Health

Common causes in women

This article highlights prevalence of incontinence, raising awareness and offering support for affected individuals.

Health fluids

Dive into the impact of fluid intake on continence and get guidance on managing it.

Top condom drainage questions

Find answers to common questions and misconceptions about condom drainage usage, providing tips and insights.

Continence tips and hints

Explore a variety of practical tips and guidance for managing continence effectively.

Diabetes and incontinence

Discover how diabetes can contribute to incontinence, offering insights and management strategies.

Difference between incontinence and continence

Differentiate between continence and incontinence, providing education and support.

male incontinence condom drainage

Dive into the queries about condom drainage, offering advice and practical tips.