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Extra Ordinary

Independence Australia

Extra Ordinary is a podcast where we have an honest chat (and a good laugh!) about what it’s like to live with a disability. On the show, we have open conversations about what it’s actually like to live with a disability. You’ll hear about the unique challenges we encounter, the funny situations we face, and learn what it’s like to be in our shoes. Hosted by stand-up comedian Oliver Hunter.

New Episode – Mark Berridge

Mark Berridge is a Keynote Speaker and Author of ‘A Fraction Stronger’, a book about Mark’s experiences after the life-changing accident that caused his disability and how he found possibilities in life’s darkest moments.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear the unique story of how Mark’s injury led him down an entirely different career path and how he’s always looking for ways to use his experiences to help others.


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More Episodes

06 - Hannah Diviney

Hannah Diviney is a leading writer and advocate for disability and women’s rights. She’s also the Editor in Chief at Missing Perspectives, a publication platform dedicated to addressing the marginalisation of women in news, media, and democracy. Her advocacy work has included petitioning for Disney to create a disabled princess and has been featured in publications across Australia and the world.

05 - Laura Pettenuzzo

Laura Pettenuzzo is a writer, speaker, and powerful advocate for mental health and disability. She currently works as a Disability and Mental Health Advocate at Women with Disabilities Victoria, and in her free time, she enjoys drinking tea and spending time with her cats.

In today’s episode, Laura shares how her time working with Women with Disabilities Victoria helped her accept her disability and face her internalised ableism.

04 - Perry Cross

Perry Cross is the Founder of the Perry Cross Foundation, an organisation working to find a cure for paralysis, and the CEO of Accessible Homes Australia.

Perry is passionate about raising awareness of spinal injuries and has helped countless other people living with disabilities.

In today’s episode, he explains his foundation’s work and shares his passion for accessible spaces.

03 - Belinda Aitken

Belinda Aitken has worked professionally as an actor and works in the accessible housing sector as a Lived Experience Facilitator with Housing Hub.

In today’s episode, Belinda shares how she fell in love with acting, talks about how diversity representation on screen has changed over the years. An interesting conversation on language and how everyone sees it differently.

02 - Rocca Salcedo

Rocca Salcedo is a legal professional who grew up in Columbia, before migrating to Australia more than twenty years ago. While studying International Law at the University of Melbourne, Rocca acquired a spinal cord injury.  

In this episode you’ll hear about her project, Dance and Roll and how she celebrates dance, movement and accessibility for people who use wheelchairs and mobility aids.

01 - Joel De Munk

Today we are chatting with Joel De Munk. Joel is a former chef and a speaker for Spin Chat at Independence Australia. Joel was injured at 32 and has an acquired spinal cord injury. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about how Joel became a Spin Chat speaker, the importance of keeping your life fitness up and how there’s a lot of life admin that goes into having a disability.

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