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Enable NSW Funding Scheme

EnableNSW is a state-wide service assisting eligible residents of New South Wales with a permanent or long term disability to live and participate within their community. It provides continence assistance to people with a permanent moderate to severe incontinence, where their needs are greater than what is covered by CAPS funding. Enable NSW also administers the Aids and Equipment Program for eligible clients.

Who is eligible?

Any permanent resident of NSW, or a refugee residing in NSW:

  • with a permanent or long-term disability (i.e. a disability likely to last more than 12 months regardless of the cause of the disability)
  • with long-term assistive technology needs that have stabilised and allow them to remain in a community setting
  • who has not received compensation or damages in respect of the disability for which the assistive technology device or support is required
  • who is not eligible to receive the assistive technology under any other government-funded program

You also need to be receiving CAPS funding. Eligible consumers are required to use up their annual CAPS assistance before accessing Enable NSW assistance. Click here to learn more about CAPS funding or how you can nominate us as your CAPS supplier.

What kind of assistance is provided?

EnableNSW provides equipment, aids, appliances and services to people with chronic health conditions or disability to assist them with mobility, communication and self-care. The assistance includes aids for continence problems including incontinence aids, disposable and non disposable continence products and personal care attendants to assist family members to provide care at home.

How do I buy Enable NSW products?

Independence Australia is an approved supplier for Enable NSW. The Enable NSW product list will be available online shortly.

How do I apply for Enable NSW Funding?

You can now apply online to Enable NSW by clicking here. First time users will need to register by entering an email address, first and last name, password and answering a security question.

For more information about continence assistance from EnableNSW please visit their website.