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Insurance and Care NSW (icare)

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) is an NSW Government agency that primarily provides care and support to people injured at work and on the road with long-term care needs to improve their quality of life.

icare operates and provides the services for the NSW Government’s insurance and care schemes to people under the following areas:

    • Workers’ Care (WC)
    • Lifetime Care (LTC)
    • Compulsory Third Party Care (CTP)
    • Dust Diseases Care (DDC)


You are eligible for icare care and support if you are seriously injured at work or on the roads in NSW (or an NSW homeowner and builder). It is also dependent on the scheme you are covered under as a result of an injury. Please refer to icare directly for more information.

Support Provided

icare can help pay for healthcare consumables needed by individuals due to injuries covered under the insurance and care schemes.

Healthcare consumables are provided to participants and workers to help manage injury-related continence, wound care, respiratory, nutritional, and skin integrity needs. Examples include catheters, dressings for wounds, gloves and enteral feeds.

Independence Australia is a consumables panel member for the supply of healthcare consumables for icare customers.

How to Claim

Visit a health professional with relevant experience for a comprehensive assessment of your injury-related needs. They can complete the icare consumables prescription form on your behalf based on your specific needs.

For example, a prescriber for continence products may be a Clinical Nurse consultant or Clinical Nurse Specialist in SCI, TBI, rehabilitation or disability. Otherwise, a Continence Nurse Advisor can also prescribe continence products.

How to Order

Please consult your prescriber to select the best ordering solution to meet your needs, which can include selecting recurring orders or placing orders as requested.

Your consumables prescription can be automated in a recurring order with Independence Australia, but it will need to be renewed when a new prescription is submitted, or at the end of the current prescription period.