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State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP)

State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) provides a subsidy towards the cost of equipment and/or modifications to improve independence in your home, assist in community participation, and support families and carers in their role.


You are eligible for SWEP assistance if you:

    • are a permanent Victorian resident or hold a temporary or permanent protection Visa or are an asylum seeker
    • have a long-term disability and/or are frail aged
    • are living in a government funded disability supported accommodation facility
    • are not an in-patient of a public or private hospital or residential care facility
    • cannot claim AT items through private health insurance
Support provided

SWEP can provide a contribution towards the cost of:

    • assistive technology equipment
    • continence products lymphoedema compression garments
    • home and vehicle modifications
    • laryngectomy consumable products
    • medical oxygen
    • equipment repairs and preventative maintenance
    • 24/7 afterhours emergency repairs service

How to Apply

1. Complete SWEP Eligibility Form

2. Bring a printed copy of this form to your GP or healthcare prescriber.

3. Your prescriber will assess your eligibility, process this form and send it to SWEP.

4. SWEP will review your application and notify you of the outcome in writing.

5. Once approved, SWEP will raise a purchase order and send this to Independence Australia to fulfil the order.

* You will need to be assessed by an appropriate health professional who will help you determine the most suitable equipment or modification needed. This includes an assessment of whether you or your carer can safely use the equipment.

How to order

Independence Australia is an approved supplier for SWEP.

To place an order, please contact SWEP directly and they will submit your orders to Independence Australia on your behalf.

Click here to view the SWEP product list.