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Pelvic Floor Exercises

Woman on yoga mat doing pelvic floor exercise

If you’re a woman with poor bladder or bowel control – and perhaps you’ve had this problem for some years – the time has never been better to do something about it. While you should talk to someone sooner rather than later, at any life-stage your situation can usually be improved.

For example, being guided by a Continence Physiotherapist (who specialises in pelvic floor exercises) is an option for women of all ages with bladder leakage due to stress incontinence. Research shows a cure rate of 84% for women working with a Continence Physio for this problem.

An introduction to “polishing up your pelvic floor muscles” and how to do kegel exercises

  • Stand, lie or sit straight
  • Relax your thigh, bottom and lower tummy muscles
  • Draw in the muscles (kegels) around your front passage (vagina) and then relax them
  •  Draw in the muscles around the back passage (anus) and then relax them

Products to help…

This pelvic floor exercise is one of the ways to overcome the continence-related issue. Nevertheless, every person’s experience and adjustment to continence are different. Therefore, ensure to overcome continence by taking care of yourself by adjusting your daily water intake, seeking health professionals, and selecting the right continence aids.

For instance, hygiene and extra comforts should be a priority if you have an active lifestyle and require heavy incontinence protection. A pull-up fit like underwear and continence pants can be an option to support a more independent lifestyle. For instance, the TENA ProSkin Maxi Pants XL has FeelDry Advanced Features to ensure dryness, leakage security and odour control. It is suitable for men and women and for both day and night wear.

Remember, consider the type of continence-related issue you experience first, which can help you choose your suitable continence brief.


What’s next?

Independence Australia stocks a range of continence products.

When you do pelvic floor exercises:

FEEL the muscles contract – and then relax

FEEL a lift-and-squeeze inside your pelvis

FEEL a letting-go when you relax your muscles (very important!)

– Relax chest, tummy and ribs throughout

– Keep breathing even and normal

Slowly build this up to 10 times in a row, keeping your technique perfect.

Aim to repeat the exercise set 3 times every day especially if your muscles are weak, and consider purchasing kegel exercise weights for an enhanced workout.

Once you can do these pelvic floor exercises:

  • Hold the lift-and-squeeze for longer (say, 3 seconds)
  • Build up over time to about 10 seconds
  • Feel the muscle “let go” each time while breathing normally and evenly
  • Follow with 3 quick squeezes, relaxing fully between each one
  • Repeat this 3 times, resting between each set

Watch the video below of Phil who gives us 11 of his best tips for a healthier bladder

By Phil Wilkinson
Urology and Continence Nurse

Independence Australia believes all people in the community have a right to safety, protection and quality standards of support. This content is for information and educational purposes only. We encourage our clients, carers and readers to seek medical advice from a registered doctor or health professional where appropriate.

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Pelvic Floor Exercises

If you’re a woman with poor bladder or bowel control – and perhaps you’ve had this problem for some years – the time has never been better to do something about it. 

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