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How Silic 15 can provide a protective barrier against Incontinence Associated Dermatitis

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Incontinence affects millions of Australians every day. In fact, one in four Australians live with urinary or faecal incontinence. The severity can range from minor to a complete loss of control.

Incontinence associated dermatitis or IAD is a type of dermatitis that results from chronic exposure to urine or faeces. Common names for IAD can include nappy dermatitis, irritant dermatitis, perineal dermatitis or perineal rash. IAD can result in discomfort, pain, burning, itching or tingling in the areas of the body affected.

Silic 15 is a product manufactured by Ego Pharmaceuticals that forms a protective barrier to help shield the skin from common irritants such as water, sweat and detergents. As overhydration of the stratum corneum due to prolonged contact with urine and/or faeces is a major component of IAD, individuals may benefit from a protective barrier product to help with successful management of incontinence associated dermatitis.

About Silic 15:

– Is suitable for sensitive skin
– Contains dimethicone
– Helps to form a barrier to repel water
– Is non-sticky and non-greasy
– Is easy to apply, spreads readily and dries clear allowing continuous skin assessment
– And is pH balanced

Silic 15 is formulated with dimethicone and glycerin and acts as a hydrating protective barrier to help protect against moisture, sweat, soap and other irritants. It helps protect the skin against chafing, irritation and maceration.

Silic 15 for aged care residents

Silic 15 is not just useful for the successful management of incontinence associated dermatitis; it can also be used in a number of other settings and can be applied to the skin as often as required.

– Protection: Massage into skin before contact with irritants
– Patients with pads: Apply to skin at pad changes to help protect the skin against pad related irritation and rash.
– Colostomy: Apply around the stoma to help prevent skin discomfort. (Note: the colostomy bag will not stick to area after Silic 15 applied)
– Chafing: Apply to areas prone to chafing

For aged care residents, the benefits of Silic 15 include helping to protect the skin from water and other irritants as well as bed sores, napkin rash and skin discomfort surrounding a stoma.

Other Silic 15 benefits include:

– Helps protect the skin against chafing, irritation and maceration.
– Non-sticky, non-greasy and easily absorbed.
– Silic 15 products can be used as part of an incontinence management plan to help reduce the risk of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis.
– Helps relieve and prevent dry skin.
– Suitable for sensitive skin.

Silic 15 is easy to apply and spreads readily. It dries clear and helps to minimise the risk of Occupational Contact Dermatitis while maintaining skin integrity.


Silic 15 and PPE

Silic 15 can be useful for managing the side effects of PPE. The Silic 15 range is scientifically formulated to help protect the skin from excessive moisture and common irritants such as sweat. Formulated with 15% dimethicone, the Silic 15 range helps to form a water-resistant barrier on the skin, which can help reduce the negative impacts of too much moisture building up under your mask. The barrier that Silic 15 products form can also help to offset dryness or irritation caused by the friction that can come from wearing a mask. Suitable for sensitive skin, the Silic 15 range also contains glycerin and liquid paraffin and can be used as part of your everyday routine to help protect and hydrate skin. Before putting on a face mask, apply Silic 15 to any areas where skin will have contact with the mask, including the bridge of the nose, cheeks and behind the ears.

This post is sponsored by Ego Pharmaceutical. Find more information on Ego products via Independence Australia.

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