Skincare and incontinence

Living with incontinence is an everyday challenge made even more difficult when skin irritation and conditions flare up. Unless incontinence skincare also becomes part of your daily routine, you could end up with some very uncomfortable or even health-threatening conditions.

People with incontinence are at a higher risk for skin irritations due to the build-up of excess moisture in delicate and hard to reach areas that can impact the skin. Common skin problems for people with incontinence include redness, peeling skin, irritation, and yeast infections.

Thankfully, there are several ways to treat and even avoid skin conditions related to incontinence. Below we’ve listed some tried and tested ways to help keep you and your delicate skin areas dry and healthy each day.

Tena wash creamKeep your skin dry and clean

To keep incontinence related skin issues to a minimum, it’s best to keep your skin clean and dry as best as you can. This means changing your continence pads as often as possible, and cleaning your buttocks, hips, genitals and perineum every time you change your pads.

The best way to do this is with a gentle cleanser such as TENA Wash Cream. Afterwards, it’s important to dry the area with a soft, clean cloth to keep your skin as dry and non-irritated as possible.

Tena barrier cream product

Barrier cream

Because the area itself is prone to being damp or wet throughout the day, it’s important to keep the skin protected as possible, as moist areas may cause extra skin irritation, rashes or sores.

Applying a topical barrier cream after you clean and dry yourself is very important as it provides skin with extra protection from the wet conditions associated with incontinence. We recommend Tena Barrier Cream as a soft and gentle, yet highly effective barrier between your skin and your continence pad.

Tena wet wipesOn-the-go continence protection

Changing your continence pads and keeping your skin clean, dry and protected is not always easy when you’re out and about or visiting friends and family. However, keeping yourself as clean and as dry as possible is still important. That’s why you should keep specially designed with you, along with a new continence pad, just in case you need a quick change.

The best wet wipes should not only conveniently help you to clean, but should also include a moisturiser for your skin, as well as some type of barrier protection that will suffice until you can get home. The TENA Wet Wipes are a 3-in-1 pre-moistened, extra-soft and strong wipe that gently cleanses, restores and protects even the most delicate and fragile skin. One wipe acts as a gentle, quick and convenient alternative to soap and water.

Wheelchair or bedridden issues

For people who are in a wheelchair or are bedridden, it’s important to incorporate all of the above into their routine, with the addition of:

  • Changing your position as often as possible (every 15-20 mins in a wheelchair or every two hours if bedridden). You may need someone to help you with this.
  • Changing your clothing and/or bedding as soon as they become soiled.
  • Making sure you are comfortable. Use a pillow or foam cushion to take pressure off your bottom.

As with any condition, if your symptoms persist or become worse, always consult your healthcare professional.


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