Looking After Your New Tattoo

Did you know your fresh tattoo is essentially a wound? And just like any other wound, your new ink requires specific care to successfully complete the healing process and avoid infection.

Our nurse has answered the top 5 questions for looking after your new ink:


1. How long does a fresh tattoo take to heal?

2 – 6 weeks is the average time. However, the exact healing time can be dependent on the size and design.


2. Is Bepanthen the best antiseptic ointment to use?

Bepathen is a popular antiseptic ointment choice. However, other antiseptic ointments include Savlon and Soov. Any of the three can be used on new ink once gently cleaned with a combination of antimicrobial soap and lukewarm water.


3. How important is aftercare?

Very important. The aftercare you provide  is crucial to preventing infection, removing blood residue and preserving the design you have chosen.


4What should I avoid during the healing process of my tattoo?

Whilst fully healed tattoos are resistant to most activities, new designs should be handled with care and the following avoided until the healing process has taken place.

Touching your tattoo with unwashed hands. This also includes letting anyone else touch it.
Washing the area with extremely hot water or harsh cloths.
> Shaving the area in which your tattoo is placed
>  Wear tight-fitting or any other clothing garments which are likely to rub against your tattoo.


5. Once my tattoo has healed, is there anything I need to do?

Once the healing process has taken place your design will still be very fresh and will, therefore, require protection against the sunlight. Always Cover your tattoo in a high SPF sunscreen when exposure to sunlight is likely to occur. Gentle high SPF sunscreen options include; SunSense Sensitive or SunSense Daily Face.



Looking for a step by step guide to aftercare?