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Carers Information

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Urology / Catheter

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Independence Australia provides health tips and advice for continence. Read our guide to continence.

Children's Health

Independence Australia has put together health information from leading health professionals to discuss children’s health and well-being. With topics covering children’s incontinence, nutrition and more.

Skin Care

Our health professionals have put together your complete skin care guide to help ensure your skin is protected against ageing and incontinence related issues.

Carers Information

Our psychology team have offered some valuable tips to assist you in your role as a carer.

Wound Care Information

Our experts have put together information for tattoo care to incontinence related skin damage. Everything you need to know about looking after your wounds.

Urology / Catheter Care

Independence Australia provide tips and information on correct catheter use and care.


Experts provide information on Polio and the support groups available.