Series 2, Episode 2: Assistive Technology

In this second series of Inform, we’ll be discussing accessibility. But not as you might know it. From the workplace to the classroom, we’ll be asking what accessibility means and why it matters. We’ll also be discussing some strategies and tips for things like advocating for accessibility or accessing information on assistive technology.

Assistive technology at home

In episode two, we spoke with Judi Potts. Judi uses a range of assistive technology in her day-to-day life and while she may have discovered the wonders of assistive tech later in life, she says the it has had a significant impact on her life and today she wouldn’t be without.

“Once I realised the benefits of my chair, I grew to love it. It’s become my freedom machine. I’m able to go just about anywhere I want, when I want. I can go to a football game, and be comfortable, I don’t have any pain with it. My chair means everything to me. I just can’t imagine life without it”—Judi

Assistive technology and accessibility

Also in this episode we speak with Dr Kate Anderson. Dr Anderson is a senior lecturer at Deakin University and her research focuses on communication assistive technology. Dr Anderson has some tips and advice for anyone looking to learn more about the kinds of assistive technology available to them. .

“Assistive technology spans just about every participation domain you can possibly think about. So we have assistive technology to support people in education, in employment, in their daily living, in transport, in navigating the world around them. And sometimes these are not necessarily specially designed assistive technologies. But they’re technologies that have been adapted from mainstream purposes”—Dr Kate Anderson

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Host & Producer: Kirby Fenwick
Managing editor: Alison Crowe
Sound Designer: Imogen Hanrahan

With thanks to Dr Kate Anderson and Judi Potts. 

Judi runs a vlog, My Life with Spinocerebellar Ataxia which you can find here. 

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