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Episode 02: Starting your own business

Hello and welcome to Inform Podcast! In Episode 2, our host Rachel Tyler Jones talks with Robbie Peime about work and starting your own business. Robbie shares his story about coming to a cross-roads in his career, and what he did to re-focus and find his ‘why’ again.

Robbie shares his advice for others who may be struggling to find a reason to get out of bed again, and why he thinks finding your passion is crucial for living a happy life. Thank you for joining us for episode 2, and subscribe for free to the podcast feed to be the first to hear about future monthly episodes of Inform Podcast.

Host & Producer: Rachel Tyler Jones
Managing editor: Alison Crowe
Sound Designer: Bridget Bourke

With thanks to Robbie Peime, to the NDIA, and to Evrim Şen and the team at SYN FM.

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