Episode 04: WISE Employment

Hello and welcome to the Inform Podcast! In Episode 4, our host Rachel Tyler Jones talks with Karen Walker from WISE Employment, one of Australia’s leading disability employment services providers.

In this episode, Karen explains the process of using a disability employment service and the services WISE Employment provides. She also shares some tips for figuring out what sort of work you want to do and some advice on job hunting. You can contact WISE Employment here.

Thank you for joining us for episode 4. This is the final episode in our series on work. If you’ve missed any of these earlier episodes in this series, you can go back and listen to them here.

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Host & Producer: Rachel Tyler Jones
Managing editor: Alison Crowe
Sound Designer: Nicolas Zoumboulis

With thanks to Karen Walker and WISE Employment, to the NDIA, and to Evrim Şen and the team at SYN FM.

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