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Getting the right fit with Molicare

MoliCare is the trusted name for continence management and that trust is built on comfort, support and protection. To continue providing the best continence pads they can, MoliCare has recently made some changes and they’ve replaced MoliCare Premium Slip with the next evolution of continence management: MoliCare Premium Elastic.

Better care made easy

Change can take a little getting used to, but it’s easier than you might think! With comfort and protection in mind, Molicare have developed the MoliCare Premium Elastic to be quick and easy to use. 

What’s new with Molicare Premium Elastic?

Elastic side panels

If you’ve used the MoliCare Premium Slip before, you will notice that the new MoliCare Premium Elastic is different, with two stretchy elastic side panels. This new style adapts to different body shapes, ensuring comfort and security.

Two tabs

With two large tabs instead of four, application is faster. Molicare know that speed and ease-of-use can really make the difference between a good day and a bad day. And they’re all for the good days! Improving the application process helps minimise disruption and preserves dignity for your loved ones.

Tips and tricks for a seamless transition

So what does that mean you need to do? Molicare have some tips and tricks for making the transition from the traditional MoliCare Premium Slip to MoliCare Premium Elastic.

Find the right size with MoliCare Premium Elastic

Ensure you have the right size – this may be different from your previous MoliCare Premium Slip as the elastic side panels can stretch to accommodate a bigger waist. The best thing to do is measure your waist or hips (whichever is the wider) and check your size.

A handy hint: if the tabs cross over the wavy lines, then it is likely that the size is too large. The right size is not only critical in preventing leakage it also maximises comfort.

A closer-fitting aid maximises protection

The stretchy elastic side panels provide flexibility. To help conform to different body shapes, the elastic panels can work with the body and be applied at different angles. If a pad feels loose at the back, or is not fitting well, try applying the tabs at a downward angle to help get a comfortable, personal fit.

The small things make a big difference

For anyone with years of experience using and changing continence products Molicare know it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Personal comfort, dignity and confidence are paramount and small improvements matter.

For additional support and to prevent leakage, make sure the leg cuffs are turned out, and not covering the leakage guards.

Committed to your comfort and protection

As Molicare develop new product innovations they know they can have a profound influence on you and the lives around you. Their commitment to comfort and protection will always be their focus.

MoliCare Premium Elastic has allowed Molicare to provide a new level of comfort, ease of application all while still ensuring maximum protection against leakage. Ensuring that all their products are designed to fit right and maximise comfort, easily. To aid you with finding the right size, free samples are available to make the transition an easy one. 

Best of all, MoliCare products are eligible for funding by the NDIS and you can find the Molicare range on the Independence Australia website.

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