Disguise your catheter supplies

From desk to bathroom…

The ability to carry catheter supplies without drawing attention is a common request amongst those who use catheter products for personal reasons.

The team at Independence Australia have answered the two most frequently asked questions about discreetly storing catheters so we can have you moving across the room of your office, schoolyard or social gathering with your catheter products tucked away.

I would prefer my co-workers don’t know I use a catheter.

What options do I have for keeping my catheter supplies discreet?

Your everyday clothing, uniform or accessories often hold a variety of options for storing catheter products. Many catheters can be coiled to slip into the pockets of jeans, business shirts or apron pockets.

For those who are unable to make use of pocket space, sliding a compact catheter such as the Actreen Mini or Speedicath Compact Male into the waistband or sleeve of your outfit is another option.

Alternatively, for many of us, a bathroom break provides the perfect opportunity to touch up our hair, make up or outfit, carrying a small make up bag or purse when headed towards the facilities is therefore commonplace. Catheter users can make use of this by adding catheter products among their mascara, hair brush or skin creams.

My everyday wear doesn’t include many pockets, but I work in an open plan environment. Are there any other options you can suggest for carrying my catheter supplies?

Traditionally for holding foreign currency, travel money belts have been designed to keep their contents hidden making them the perfect solution for transporting catheter products.  Travel money belts are placed around the waist and buckled before being covered with clothing garments such as a shirt.

Please note; Independence Australia has created this article in response to questions received from our audiences who wish to keep their bathroom activity private. This content is general in nature and cannot be substituted for individual medical advice.

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