Key questions to ask yourself as you navigate the NDIS

So you’ve heard of the NDIS, you may have even been advised that you are eligible to receive funding through the NDIS, so what’s next? While the process can seem overwhelming, there are many resources available to help you understand how to best be prepared. Ensuring that you consider some these key points will help to guide you through your some of the essential aspects of the NDIS and how they could apply to you.

Are you eligible for the NDIS?

The very first thing to consider is ndis eligibility. There are guidelines to help you consider your eligibility for the NDIS and once you have determined your eligibility, you can start preparing to create your NDIS Plan.


How can you prepare for your NDIS Plan?

There many aspects that you are asked to consider when creating your plan and a few things that you will need to take along to your meeting with you. To help ease this burden, Independence Australia have created a free to access NDIS pre-planning booklet. The booklet contains a check list of reports to consider taking as well as a personal care checklist and worksheets to help you consider your specific needs in relation to community access, products (referred to as NDIS consumables), mobility aids, assistive technology, transport needs and hobbies – just to name a few.



Have you considered what NDIS can help you to achieve?

You’ll see it over again in your journey through the NDIS; planning is key. Being NDIS ready by planning ahead will help you down the track. Setting NDIS goals for your NDIS plan is a simple way to start your planning process, as this will help you to define what you might be able to achieve by participating in the NDIS.


Do you understand the NDIS terms that are being used?

Throughout the NDIS process there will be words used that may seem confusing. Often the terminology used in your NDIS plan or process will be unique to this application, or be used in a different context to what you are used to. Keeping the NDIS Glossary handy will help you to navigate the terminology.


Do you know where you can access services, core supports and ndis consumables?

Within your NDIS plan you may receive funding to access services, support or products amongst other things in your plan. There are many organisations who can provide these for you and it is essential that you spend some time researching in order to find the best fit for you. Independence Australia has a full range of NDIS consumables that can be delivered Australia-wide available to order easily online and offers full support packages for residents in Victoria.


Is your NDIS plan working for you?

After twelve months it will be time to review your NDIS plan. Reviewing your plan will allow you to make changes to ensure that the plan for the following twelve months best suits your ever changing needs. It’s okay if your goals change over time as your plan can also adjust to suit this.



Looking for more NDIS advice? 

Check out our wide range of NDIS information and support from the team at Independence Australia. 

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