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Series 2, Episode 3: Higher Education

In this second series of Inform, we’ll be discussing accessibility. But not as you might know it. From the workplace to the classroom, we’ll be asking what accessibility means and why it matters. We’ll also be discussing some strategies and tips for things like advocating for accessibility or accessing information on assistive technology.

Accessibility and higher education

In episode three, we spoke with Dr Ben Whitburn. Dr Whitburn lectures in inclusive education at Deakin university but he also has first hand experience in what it means to pursue higher education when you have a disability.

“Now that I work at a university, I’ve definitely come to understand that one person’s request for support in one way or another., it doesn’t speak to a weakness, it speaks to a strength in some ways to say, look, if I had this bit of extra time, or if I had someone reading me this material, or if I had someone scanning it for me, for example, it would make my life a lot easier” — Dr Ben Whitburn

Accessibility help is available

Also in this episode we spoke with Rick Boffa, the Manager of Equitable Learning Services at RMIT University. As well as explaining what equitable learning services can do for students, Rick also has some advice for anyone thinking of heading to university.

“I think it really does give students an opportunity to take the bull by the horns, and level the playing field, so as they can engage with their programs on the same basis as their peers and that’s a great thing to be able to offer so that’s why I would encourage students to consider it”— Rick Boffa

Do you have a story of accessibility that you’d like to share? Get in touch at [email protected]

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Host & Producer: Kirby Fenwick
Managing editor: Alison Crowe
Sound Designer: Imogen Hanrahan

With thanks to Dr Ben Whitburn and Rock Boffa.

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