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Podcasts about disability to listen to now!

Looking for something new to listen to? Reviews of ‘disability products’, conversations about accessibility, relationships and finding work alongside interviews with activists and advocates: from the serious to the hilarious, these five disability podcasts cover it all.

Ouch: Disability Talk

Ouch: Disability Talk is produced by the BBC and hosted by Damon Rose, Kathleen Hawkins and Simon Minty. It has gone through a number of changes, but with more than 150 episodes in its back catalogue, this podcast is a treasure trove of information and stories from the disability communities. Recent episodes include ‘The challenge of being a teacher with Tourette’s’ and a conversation with artists Jackie Hagan and Conor A.

Abnormally Funny People

Abnormally Funny People is a group of stand-up comedians of all abilities based in the UK. Hosts Simon Minty and Steve Best, along with a rotating cast of guests, review ‘disability products’. Most are awful, some are useful, and all are hilarious. It’s mostly created for comedy purposes, but occasionally they hit upon a genuinely useful item. So there’s every chance you’ll also find it informative.

The Accessible Stall

In this chat show, best friends and hosts Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Landau discuss all things disability. From the accessibility issues they’ve faced to whether that Nike ad is awesome representation or #inspoporn. The episodes are often peppered with their own funny stories, and they don’t hold back. As hosts they’re both smart and funny and they have great chemistry. This one is definitely worth a listen.

What is a podcast? A podcast is a digital audio file made available via the internet for you to download and listen to via your computer or mobile audio device. Basically, a podcast is like a radio show but instead of listening to it live on the radio, you can listen when it suits you. Podcasts are usually available as a series with new episodes released regularly.

Alice Wong’s Disability Invisibility Podcast

Hosted by Alice Wong, the Disability Invisibility podcast is a part of the Disability Visibility Project. The Disability Visibility Project seeks to create, share and amplify disability media and culture. The podcast features conversations about topics as diverse as mental health and robotics. Recent episodes include Melbourne’s Carly Findlay, a writer, speaker and appearance activist and a conversation about design with co-founder of The Disabled List, Liz Jackson.


Inform Podcast

Did you know that Inform has a podcast? On the Inform Podcast you’ll hear from people with disabilities, as well as industry experts. We ask for advice on all the big topics, from finding work to dating, playing sport, navigating the NDIS and more. We also speak with industry experts and other organisations doing good work in the disability space in Australia. Our aim is to help people with disabilities better connect with their communities. If you have a story to tell or an experience to share, get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] New episodes are released monthly.

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