Stay strong this summer 

While the festive season and warmer months can be a joyous time, looking after yourself and keeping healthy and strong should still be your top priority.

Being outdoors and soaking up the sun can bring a welcome relief for many after hibernating during the cooler months.

Follow these tips to ensure you get the most out of summer while keeping yourself healthy:

Stay hydrated 

Our bodies comprise of 70 to 75 per cent of water, which is responsible for maintaining blood circulation as well as supplying our bodies with essential nutrients and removing waste. It’s important to keep the process flowing and replace what we use and lose by drinking enough fluids. Keep a water bottle with you to ensure you stay hydrated.

Drink alcohol in moderation 

Alcohol can dehydrate your body and fuel disagreements between loved ones during the festive season. Water and other fluids, such as fruit juice, milk and cordial juice, are good alternatives to beer and wine while all contributing to the daily intake. Avoid fizzy drinks or caffeine-based drinks, which can trigger urge incontinence in some people with bladder dysfunction.

Be treat wise 

The festive season brings the opportunity to have a few extra treats and overindulge in sweets, savoury snacks and other high calorie foods. Just like drinking in moderation, it is equally important to ensure your body remains nourished with vital nutrients. Consuming fruits and vegetables (at least five cups) also counts towards your fluid levels, as they contain water and potassium.

Enjoy some R&R  

This time of the year should also be about rest and relaxation! When we don’t get enough rest, our body misses out on the vital body processes that happen which will affect our health and well-being. Make sure you and loved ones have a break from the daily routine– and take the time to relax!

Author: Jenny Rivett is a Registered Div. 1 Nurse and Marketing Communications Project Officer at the Victorian Continence Resource Centre

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