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What do the funding categories mean?

Independence Australia is a registered NDIS service provider and provider of Inform Online and provides a range of options for beginning your NDIS journey, accessing supports such as NDIS consumables, viewing NDIS guides, resources and tools such as the popular NDIS planning booklet.

One of the first things we recommend you do when you receive your NDIS plan is to read through it thoroughly and make sure that you understand what you are funded for – but how can you understand that when you don’t quite understand what the categories mean?

Core Supports

Your core supports is your flexible funding that covers activities that help you in your every day life. For example this funding can be used for in-home care, cleaning assistance, any needs-related products or assistance to access your community. This funding is flexible so you can use it across a number of support categories.

Capital Supports

Your capital supports is funding for your ‘big ticket items’, such as car modifications or assistive technology. Sometimes you may need a quote or report from a specialist to be able to access this funding, so best to check with the NDIA if you have any queries regarding your capital supports.

Capacity Building

The final funding category is the capacity building category, and this is to fund activities that help you build your skills and reach your long-term goals. This funding is not as flexible as your core supports, and can only be used for specified activities as mentioned within your plan. This funding can be used for things like support coordination, finding and keeping a job or improving your relationships, and much more.
If you’re still feeling a bit lost the NDIS have a number of ‘Understanding the NDIS’ booklets on their website, and we also recommend looking at the ‘NDIS Price Guide’ to help you understand how much each service can cost you.

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